Automobile and Production Projects

IITPE-01 Design and fabrication of Anti-lock braking system Automobile Abstract
IITPE-02 Design and fabrication of Auto clutch for automobile Automobile Abstract
IITPE-03 Design and fabrication of Automatic gear changer in two wheelers Automobile Abstract
IITPE-04 Automatic break failure indicator and engine over heating alarm Automobile Abstract
IITPE-05 Fabrication of automatic differential unit locking system Automobile Abstract
IITPE-06 Design and fabrication of automatic foot dust cleaning machine Automobile Abstract
IITPE-07 Design and Fabrication of Compressed Air Engine Automobile Abstract
IITPE-08 90 degree turning steering mechanism-four wheeler Automobile Abstract
IITPE-09 Design Fabrication of Automatic Clutch and Braking for Vehicle Automobile Abstract
IITPE-10 Design and fabrication of portable multi agricutter Automobile Abstract
IITPE-11 Turbo charger-exhaust gas method-with preheating Automobile Abstract
IITPE-12 Fuel efficiency improvement in petrol engine by using water injection Automobile Abstract
IITPE-13 Design and Fabrication Motorized screw jack Automobile Abstract
IITPE-14 Design and Development of Weight operated material handling device Automobile Abstract
IITPE-15 Design and fabrication of Pipe bending machine Automobile Abstract
IITPE-16 Design and fabrication of Pedal operated water pumping system Automobile Abstract
IITPE-17 Fabrication of Intermediate shaft in a power transmission system Automobile Abstract
IITPE-18 Design and fabrication of three in one air conditioner Automobile Abstract
IITPE-19 Design and fabrication of Chainless bicycle Automobile Abstract
IITPE-20 Fabrication of cruise speed control for two wheeler Automobile Abstract
IITPE-21 Fuel cell engine for two wheelers with power generation Automobile Abstract
IITPE-22 Design of kinematic energy recovery system for cycle Foldable bicycle Automobile Abstract
IITPE-23 Elimination of carbon particles from exhaust gas Automobile Abstract
IITPE-24 Wireless tyre pressure monitoring system Automobile Abstract
IITPE-25 Hydraulic fork lift Automobile Abstract
IITPE-26 Air brake system using exhaust gas Automobile Abstract

Pneumatics and Hydraulics

IITPE-27 Hydraulic mobile crane Pneumatics and Hydraulics Abstract
IITPE-28 Pneumatic auto feed sheet cutting machine Pneumatics and Hydraulics Abstract
IITPE-29 Hydraulic injection moulding machine Pneumatics and Hydraulics Abstract
IITPE-30 Automatic electro-hydraulic jack-fully Pneumatics and Hydraulics Abstract
IITPE-31 Automatic pneumatic bumper for four wheeler-without wheel sensor Pneumatics and Hydraulics Abstract
IITPE-32 Hydraulic hammer Pneumatics and Hydraulics Abstract
IITPE-33 Accident preventing system for automatic pneumatic printing press Pneumatics and Hydraulics Abstract
IITPE-34 Three axis pneumatic modern trailer Pneumatics and Hydraulics Abstract
IITPE-35 Hydro-pneumatic vice with pressure booster Pneumatics and Hydraulics Abstract
IITPE-36 Pneumatic bearing press Pneumatics and Hydraulics Abstract
IITPE-37 Pneumatic door open-close system Pneumatics and Hydraulics Abstract
IITPE-38 Automatic electro-hydraulic brake Pneumatics and Hydraulics Abstract
IITPE-39 Automatic pneumatic valcanizing machine Pneumatics and Hydraulics Abstract
IITPE-40 Pneumatic pick and place robot Pneumatics and Hydraulics Abstract
IITPE-41 Three axis pneumatic modern trailer Pneumatics and Hydraulics Abstract
IITPE-42 Pneumatic sheet bend removing machine Pneumatics and Hydraulics Abstract
IITPE-43 Pneumatic four-axis material handling equipment Pneumatics and Hydraulics Abstract


IITPE-44 Design and fabrication of Active headlight steering control with brightness control Automation Abstract
IITPE-45 Design and fabrication of automated vehicle based on safety system Automation Abstract
IITPE-46 Automatic over load and optical indicating system for over load vehicle Automation Abstract
IITPE-47 Design and fabrication of automatic helmet detection in two wheelers Automation Abstract
IITPE-48 Design and fabrication of automatic planter vehicle Automation Abstract
IITPE-49 Design and fabrication of digital locking system for two wheeler Automation Abstract
IITPE-50 Design and fabrication of intelligent head light for four wheeler Automation Abstract
IITPE-51 Design and fabrication of mobile conveyor system Automation Abstract
IITPE-52 Fabrication of automatic fuel level and gear level indicator in two wheeler Automation Abstract
IITPE-53 Design and fabrication of robotic elevator Automation Abstract
IITPE-54 Automatic poor quality rejecter Automation Abstract
IITPE-55 Automatic pressure monitor and cut off system Automation Abstract

Power Generation

IITPE-56 Electrical power generation using speed breaker Power Generation Abstract
IITPE-57 Tread mill power generation Power Generation Abstract
IITPE-58 Helix vertical axis wind turbine Power Generation Abstract
IITPE-59 Water production from air Power Generation Abstract
IITPE-60 Door power generation Power Generation Abstract
IITPE-61 Dual power generation system for automobile (thermoelectric and exhaust gas power generation) Power Generation Abstract
IITPE-62 Design and fabrication of Tri power generation with engine Power Generation Abstract
IITPE-63 Turbo charger-exhaust gas method Power Generation Abstract