IITPE-01 Catch You if You Misbehave: Ranked Keyword Search Results Verification in Cloud Computing JAVA Abstract
IITPE-02 Fast and Reliable Restoration Method of Virtual Resources on Open Stack JAVA Abstract
IITPE-03 Space-Efficient Verifiable Secret Sharing Using Polynomial Interpolation JAVA Abstract
IITPE-04 Three-Server Swapping for Access Confidentiality JAVA Abstract
IITPE-05 Towards Privacy Preserving Publishing of Set-Valued Data on Hybrid Cloud JAVA Abstract
IITPE-06 A Lightweight Secure Data Sharing Scheme for Mobile Cloud Computing JAVA Abstract
IITPE-07 Translating Algorithms to Handle Fully Homomorphic Encrypted Data on the Cloud JAVA Abstract
IITPE-08 Chaotic Searchable Encryption for Mobile Cloud Storage JAVA Abstract
IITPE-09 Efficient Skew Handling for Outer Joins in a Cloud Computing Environment JAVA Abstract
IITPE-10 Translating Algorithms to Handle Fully Homomorphic Encrypted JAVA Abstract
IITPE-11 A Three-Layer Privacy Preserving Cloud Storage Scheme Based on Computational Intelligence in Fog Computing JAVA Abstract
IITPE-12 Achieving Secure and Efficient Dynamic Searchable Symmetric Encryption over Medical Cloud Data JAVA Abstract
IITPE-13 An Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Biometric Identification Scheme in Cloud Computing JAVA Abstract
IITPE-14 An Efficient Ranked Multi-Keyword Search for Multiple Data Owners Over Cloud Data JAVA Abstract
IITPE-15 Cloud Log Assuring Soundness and Secrecy Scheme for Cloud Forensics JAVA Abstract
IITPE-16 Division and Replication of Data in Cloud for Optimal Performance and Security JAVA Abstract
IITPE-17 Efficient and Expressive Keyword Search over Encrypted Data in Cloud JAVA Abstract
IITPE-18 A Comprehensive Study on Social Network Mental Disorders Detection via Online Social Media Mining JAVA Abstract
IITPE-19 Learning Multiple Factors-Aware Diffusion Models in Social Networks JAVA Abstract
IITPE-20 Multi-Instance Learning with Discriminative Bag Mapping JAVA Abstract
IITPE-21 Profit Maximization for Viral Marketing in Online Social Networks: Algorithms and Analysis JAVA Abstract
IITPE-22 Reverse k nearest Neighbor Search over Trajectories JAVA Abstract
IITPE-23 Structure Based User Identification across Social Networks JAVA Abstract
IITPE-24 Supervised Topic Modeling Using Hierarchical Dirichlet Process-Based Inverse Regression: Experiments on E-Commerce Applications JAVA Abstract
IITPE-25 Web Media and Stock Markets: A Survey and Future Directions from a Big Data Perspective JAVA Abstract
IITPE-26 Efficient Parameter Estimation for Information Retrieval Using Black-Box Optimization JAVA Abstract
IITPE-27 Exploring Hierarchical Structures for Recommender Systems Product Adoption Rate Prediction in a Competitive Market JAVA Abstract
IITPE-28 A Comprehensive Study on Social Network Mental Disorders Detection via Online Social Media Mining JAVA Abstract
IITPE-29 A Credibility Analysis System for Assessing Information on Twitter JAVA Abstract
IITPE-30 A Novel Machine Learning Algorithm for Spammer Identification in Industrial Mobile Cloud Computing JAVA Abstract
IITPE-31 Credit Card Fraud Detection Using AdaBoost and Majority Voting JAVA Abstract
IITPE-32 Energy Efficient Link-Delay Aware Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks JAVA Abstract
IITPE-33 GeTrust: A guarantee-based trust model in Chord-based P2P networks JAVA Abstract
IITPE-34 PROVEST: Provenance-based Trust Model for Delay Tolerant Networks JAVA Abstract
IITPE-35 Traffic and Energy Aware Routing for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks JAVA Abstract
IITPE-36 Recurring Contacts between Groups of Devices: Analysis and Application JAVA Abstract
IITPE-37 Energy Efficiency Maximization in Mobile Wireless Energy Harvesting Sensor Networks JAVA Abstract
IITPE-38 Energy-Aware Dual-Path Geographic Routing to Bypass Routing Holes in Wireless Sensor Networks JAVA Abstract
IITPE-39 SLIDE: A Straight Line Conflict Detection and Alerting Algorithm for Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles JAVA Abstract
IITPE-40 A Predictive Model for User Motivation and Utility Implications of Privacy-Protection Mechanisms in Location Check-Ins JAVA Abstract
IITPE-41 Motivating Human-Enabled Mobile Participation for Data Offloading JAVA Abstract
IITPE-42 Two-Hop Distance-Bounding Protocols: Keep Your Friends Close JAVA Abstract
IITPE-43 SLAC: Calibration-Free Pedometer-Fingerprint Fusion for Indoor Localization JAVA Abstract
IITPE-44 A Hybrid Approach for Detecting Automated Spammers in Twitter JAVA Abstract
IITPE-45 A Provably-Secure Cross-Domain Handshake Scheme with Symptoms-Matching for Mobile Healthcare Social Network JAVA Abstract
IITPE-46 Anonymization of Sensitive Quasi-Identifiers for l-Diversity and t-Closeness JAVA Abstract
IITPE-47 Relevant Feedback Based Accurate and Intelligent Retrieval on Capturing User Intention for Personalized Websites JAVA Abstract
IITPE-48 A Three-Level Hidden Bayesian Link Prediction Model in Social Networks JAVA Abstract
IITPE-49 Analyzing and Detecting Money-Laundering Accounts in Online Social Networks JAVA Abstract
IITPE-50 Detection of suicide-related posts in Twitter data JAVA Abstract


IITPE-01 Efficient Fine-Grained Data Sharing Mechanism for Electronic Medical Record Systems with Mobile Devices DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-02 Efficient Traceable Authorization Search System for Secure Cloud Storage DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-03 Fine-Grained Two-Factor Protection Mechanism for Data Sharing in Cloud Storage DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-04 Inference Attack-Resistant E-Healthcare Cloud System with Fine Grained Access Control DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-05 Lightweight and Privacy-Preserving Delegatable Proofs of Storage with Data Dynamics in Cloud Storage DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-06 Privacy Preservation for Outsourced Medical Data With Flexible Access Control DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-07 Privacy Protection and Intrusion Avoidance for Cloudlet-based Medical Data Sharing DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-08 Provably Secure Fine-Grained Data Access Control over Multiple Cloud Servers in Mobile Cloud Computing Based Healthcare Applications DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-09 Secure and Efficient Attribute-Based Access Control for Multiauthority Cloud Storage DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-10 Secure Data Group Sharing and Dissemination with Attribute and Time Conditions in Public Cloud DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-11 SeSPHR: A Methodology for Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records in the Cloud DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-12 Towards Privacy-preserving Content-based Image Retrieval in Cloud Computing DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-13 Audit-Free Cloud Storage via Deniable Attribute-based Encryption DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-14 CLASS: Cloud Log Assuring Soundness and Secrecy Scheme for Cloud Forensics DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-15 Combining Data Owner-side and Cloud-side Access Control for Encrypted Cloud Storage DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-16 Crypt-Cloud: Secure and Expressive Data Access Control for Cloud Storage DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-17 Range Queries on Multi-Attribute Trajectories DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-18 Search Result Diversity Evaluation Based on Intent Hierarchies DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-19 Health Monitoring on Social Media over Time DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-20 On Generalizing Collective Spatial Keyword Queries DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-21 Online Product Quantization DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-22 When to Make a Topic Popular Again? A Temporal Model for Topic Re-hotting Prediction in Online Social Networks DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-23 Privacy Characterization and Quantification in Data Publishing DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-24 CoDetect: Financial Fraud Detection With Anomaly Feature Detection DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-25 Hate Speech on Twitter: A Pragmatic Approach to Collect Hateful and Offensive Expressions and Perform Hate Speech Detection DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-26 Performance Comparison of Support Vector Machine, Random Forest, and Extreme Learning Machine for Intrusion Detection DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-27 Supervised and Unsupervised Aspect Category Detection for Sentiment Analysis With Co-Occurrence Data DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-28 Using Data Mining to Predict Hospital Admissions From the Emergency Department DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-29 Immutable Authentication and Integrity Schemes for Outsourced Databases DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-30 Accurate Recovery of Internet Traffic Data: A Sequential Tensor Completion Approach DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-31 Distributed Packet Forwarding and Caching Based on Stochastic Network Utility Maximization DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-32 Attack Vulnerability of Power Systems under an Equal Load Redistribution Model DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-33 An Efficient Bit-Detecting Protocol for Continuous Tag Recognition in Mobile RFID Systems DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-34 Sensor-Assisted Multi-View Face Recognition System on Smart Glass DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-35 Distributed Faulty Node Detection in Delay Tolerant Networks: Design and Analysis DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-36 Efficient Privacy-Aware Authentication Scheme for Mobile DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-37 Identifying On-site Users for Social Events: Mobility, Content, and Social Relationship DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-38 Protecting Location Privacy for Task Allocation in Ad Hoc Mobile Cloud Computing DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-39 Collective Data-Sanitization for Preventing Sensitive Information Inference Attacks in Social Networks DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-40 Exploiting Social Network to Enhance Human-to-Human Infection Analysis without Privacy Leakage DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-41 An Approach to Biometric Identification by Using Low-Frequency Eye Tracker DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-42 Risk Assessment in Social Networks based on User Anomalous Behaviors DOTNET Abstract
IITPE-43 Segregating Spammers and Unsolicited Bloggers from Genuine Experts on Twitter DOTNET Abstract


IITPE-01 Cloud-based Fine-grained Health Information Access Control Framework for Lightweight IoT Devices with Dynamic Auditing and Attribute Revocation IOT Abstract
IITPE-02 Light-Weight Security and Data Provenance for Multi-Hop Internet of Things IOT Abstract
IITPE-03 MDS Clone: Multidimensional Scaling Aided Clone Detection in Internet of Things IOT Abstract


IITPE-01 Disease Prediction by Machine Learning over Big Data from Healthcare Communitie BIGDATA Abstract
IITPE-02 Practical Privacy-Preserving MapReduce Based K-means Clustering over Large-scale Dataset BIGDATA Abstract
IITPE-03 FiDoop-DP: Data Partitioning in Frequent Itemset Mining on Hadoop Clusters BIGDATA Abstract
IITPE-04 FiDoop-DP:Achieving Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Cross-Domain Big Data Deduplication in Cloud BIGDATA Abstract
IITPE-05 Cost-Aware Big Data Processing across Geo-distributed Datacenters BIGDATA Abstract
IITPE-06 Ring: Real-Time Emerging Anomaly Monitoring System over Text Streams BIGDATA Abstract
IITPE-07 Efficient Processing of Skyline Queries Using MapReduce BIGDATA Abstract
IITPE-08 PPHOPCM: Privacy-preserving High-order Possibilistic c-Means Algorithm for Big Data Clustering with Cloud Computing BIGDATA Abstract
IITPE-09 Hadoop MapReduce for Mobile Clouds BIGDATA Abstract
IITPE-10 A Systematic Approach to Description and Classification of Cybercrime Incidents BIGDATA Abstract


IITPE-01 A Comprehensive Study on Social Network Mental Disorders Detection via Online Social Media Mining Python Abstract
IITPE-02 A General Framework for Implicit and Explicit Social Recommendation Python Abstract
IITPE-03 Achieving Data Truthfulness and Privacy Preservation in Data Markets Python Abstract
IITPE-04 Characterizing and Predicting Early Reviewers for Effective Product Marketing on E-Commerce Websites Python Abstract
IITPE-05 Frequent Itemsets Mining With Differential Privacy Over Large-Scale Data Python Abstract
IITPE-06 Privacy-Preserving Social Media Data Publishing for Personalized Ranking-Based Recommendation Python Abstract
IITPE-07 Scalable Content-Aware Collaborative Filtering for Location Recommendation Python Abstract
IITPE-08 CompetitiveBike: Competitive Analysis and Popularity Prediction of Bike-Sharing Apps Using Multi-Source Data Python Abstract
IITPE-09 Weakly-supervised Deep Embedding for Product Review Sentiment Analysis Python Abstract