IITPE-01 Bidirectional Single-Stage Grid-Connected Inverter for a Battery Energy Storage System Abstract
IITPE-02 Electric Vehicle Charging Station With an Energy Storage Stage for Split-DC Bus Voltage Balancing Abstract
IITPE-03 A Decentralized Dynamic Power Sharing Strategy for Hybrid Energy Storage System in Autonomous DC Microgrid Abstract
IITPE-04 Control of a Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid Involving Energy Storage and Pulsed Load Abstract
IITPE-05 Hybrid Energy Storage System Micro Grids Integration For Power Quality Improvement Abstract
IITPE-06 Secondary-Side-Regulated Soft-Switching Full-Bridge Three-Port Converter Based on Bridgeless Boost Abstract
IITPE-07 Analysis, Design, Modelling, and Control of an Interleaved Boost Full-Bridge Three-Port Converter Abstract
IITPE-08 Design and Implementation of an Amorphous High Frequency Transformer Coupling Smart Micro grid Abstract
IITPE-09 Dual-DC-Port Asymmetrical Multilevel Inverters With Reduced Conversion Stages and Enhanced Conversion Efficiency Abstract
IITPE-10 Dual-Transformer-Based Asymmetrical Triple-Port Active Bridge Isolated DC–DC Converter Abstract
IITPE-11 A Novel Nine-Level Inverter Employing One Voltage Source and Reduced Components AC Abstract
IITPE-12 Quasi Cascaded H-Bridge Five-Level Boost Inverter Abstract
IITPE-13 Steady-State Analysis and Design Considerations of High Voltage Gain Switched Z-Source Inverter Abstract
IITPE-14 A New Class of Single-Phase High-Frequency Isolated Z Source AC-AC Converters with Reduced Passive Abstract
IITPE-15 Enhanced-Boost Quasi-Z-Source Inverters with Two Switched Impedance Network Abstract
IITPE-16 High-Voltage Gain Half-Bridge Z-Source Inverter With Low-Voltage Stress on Capacitors Abstract